RSS Syndication


Why Syndicate your content with ProFootballZap?

  • Traffic – All headlines displayed on our site link back to the original article and source site. only displays a headline and a brief description of the article. Full credit is always given to the article source. We are able to drive traffic from our social media and our network of backlinks to our site. In turn, this translates to a traffic boost for our syndication sources
  • New Followers – Many times we are able to introduce fans to your content who have been previously unfamiliar with it
  • Backlinks – All article links displayed on provide one-way backlinks to the source site ultimately increasing page rank and search engine visibility


Still not convinced, and you would like your content/headlines removed from  No Problem….just send us an email to with instructions to remove your headlines from our site, and we will do so immediately.


Interested in syndicating your RSS feeds on Send us an email to with a link to your site and the RSS feed address. Our team will then do a brief analysis of your site and content to see if there is a good fit. If we determine that we are a good match, we will immediately beginning syndicating your content to our followers free of charge.